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Who we are, and what we do

Initially founded in Spain in 2011 as a WordPress website development shop, CDS grew to provide software development for startups and Inc 500 companies in the US and UK, and the UK business was registered in 2013.

By leveraging personally-vetted, hand-picked resources from a growing talent pool of international offshore software development centers who can perform high-quality work at a fraction of the cost of hiring domestic employees, CDS is able to pass extremely competitive rates onto its clients, while increasing quality and improving overall deliverables.

With access to teams that are experts in languages from PHP and jQuery to Java and AngularJS, frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Laravel, and compliance requirements such as PCI-DSSHIPAA and GDPR, CDS is well-placed to provide the software development solution you need, both rapidly and reliably.

By working with a UK-based company, and with all work secured by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, CDS eliminates all risk for startups looking to outsource their software development. We are quickly becoming known as the “go to” solution for startups looking to scale their software development quickly, cost-effectively, and successfully.

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