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Software Development for Startups

Worried about wasting money on deliverables that fall

short of your expectations, or wasting time on do-overs?


We work with you to ensure we are perfectly aligned

with your vision before writing a single line of code.

Anxious about attending calls at unsociable hours

or dealing with the frustrations of loved ones?


All calls are conducted during your business hours to

help you separate your business and personal lives.

Scared by software outsourcing

horror-stories that didn’t end well?


We’ve written a satisfaction guarantee into our

agreements, so there’s no fee unless you’re happy.

Concerned about having to deal with

language barriers or communication issues?


Your main point-of-contact will be a native English speaker, with

many years experience in business and software development.

Smart Startups Leverage our Software Development Solutions to Provide

Web and Mobile Apps

Your apps will be built from the ground up to work on an ever-evolving array of devices.

We utilize scalable, responsive-based layouts to ensure your apps work seamlessly on any platform.

Server Environment

Your underlying server environment is critical to your apps success.

Whether in the cloud or on bare-metal servers, we can design the infrastructure, including databases, scalability, and availability.

Quality Assurance

Your app will be thoroughly tested using both manual and automated testing processes (as appropriate).

We can also benchmark your app for varying load scenarios, and perform security audits.

Select An Engagement Model That Works For You

Fixed-Price Project

We discuss and define the requirements of a project, and provide a fixed-price quote with delivery timeline.

Best suited for projects with absolute clarity about the requirements and specification.

Shared Development Pool

You’ll have access to our pool of shared development resources, as required.

Best suited for clients who require an ongoing partner, but are not ready to commit to a dedicated development team.

Dedicated Development Team

You will be assigned a managed team of one or more developers, dedicated to your project.

Best suited for clients who require specific technical capabilities for long-term arrangements.

Schedule a Strategy Session

Schedule an initial 30-minute call so we can discuss your vision, project goals, timeline requirements and budgetary constraints.

During the call, both parties will learn if we’re a good fit for each other, and be able to discuss next-steps as appropriate.

Click the button to select a date & time that works for you!

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